Beyza Corsar (23) is an Office Management Administrator trainee

“I’ve been at efcom for around 6 months now. Before that, I completed my school leaving exams and decided to do an office management traineeship. It’s something that really interested me, and wasn’t a stopgap. In addition, I hope this will help me give me good career prospects later on.


The start
I first came into contact with efcom through the online traineeship portal Azubiyo. I saw an ad for the trainee position there and I emailed over my documents on the spot. The application process was rather professional from my perspective and of course really exciting for me. At the start there was a little test, which I probably passed as a few days later an invitation to a face-to-face interview arrived. I liked that a lot – it was a really nice touch.


My tasks
I go to vocational school twice a week, then I come to the office and help colleagues with day-to-day work. This includes corresponding with our clients, taking care of the bookkeeping, generating invoices and receiving visitors. It’s always really fascinating and varied.


Good conditions
But I think the vibe, the atmosphere, is also an important factor. There’s definitely a good one here. A lot gets explained to you in detail such as the work processes and procedures, and everyone is approachable. We also have a social room where you can get together from different departments and eat or play table football. They even hold real table football tournaments with matches during the breaks or after work. Turns out I’m not that bad at it!


Not just learning
In any case, there are a few things I really like here. These include the annual Factoring Symposium, which many clients from around the world attend and where presentations are given. I also enjoyed my first Christmas party at efcom.


Plans and tips
So what do my plans for the future look like? I’d be delighted if I could stay at efcom after my traineeship and continue to study. For traineeship applicants, I’d advise being open and enthusiastic – just be yourself. You won’t go wrong if you follow these tips. And make sure your application stands out.“