Melanie Schultz (22) is an Office Management Administrator trainee

„Prior to my traineeship at efcom I studied applied computer science for 4 semesters, but then decided to train as an office administrator.


Fair application process
In the subsequent application phase, I came to efcom via the Chamber of Commerce and Industry and applied directly. Things happened really quickly after that: I had to perform a general 30-minute practical test at the company and was invited to a face-to-face interview right afterwards. I found it really enjoyable – no stressful questions, and everything was very fair and understandable. They gave me the OK after that and I could then finally start my training.


My tasks
My current responsibilities can be split between two areas: the admin side and the consulting side. In admin I’m responsible for inbound and outbound invoices, processing order confirmations, generating proposals and dealing with the mail. In consulting I’m responsible to a degree for forwarding and coordinating telephone support enquiries as well as support-ticket monitoring. This all sounds like a lot, but I enjoy it and I’m always learning new things.

In addition, I divide up the work so that I can do everything in peace. And, if there are ever any questions I can tap anyone on the shoulder here and find out the answer.


Of course, there are some things I might do differently or improve. One of them is the break time arrangement. At efcom you have to log out from the system when you take a break and then log back in again once you’re done – something that isn’t required at other companies. That said, I can understand that things have to be that way here for certain reasons. Apart from that, I enjoy it here and I’m looking to see what I can do after the traineeship. Maybe I’ll stay in my current job or I’ll consider taking a course. We’ll see.


Great time
Thinking about memorable moments about my traineeship, I’d say definitely the regular events and activities where we all experience something together and get to know colleagues in a different way including on a private level.


Personal tip
As for tips for new applicants: be friendly and open, and bring a good dose of team spirit with you. After all, this is a top priority here and something that’s encouraged.”