Good arguments for your application?

Here they are:

  • renowned software provider
  • exciting challenges in IT and consulting
  • targeted further education
  • nice and helpful colleagues
  • attractive benefits
  • work-life balance
  • flat hierarchies
  • regular employee events

The highest standards and maximum flexibility.

That goes for your career too.

Committed to our employees

In the field of factoring software, for many years now we have been setting the standard – an aspiration we also have as an employer. This is something that is reflected in the many smaller and larger measures through which we create an environment of trust for our employees where they can excel themselves.

Anyone who works for us should feel that their wishes and aims matter. Indeed, as an owner-managed company we take a long-term view and aim to ensure our employees stay with us. For that reason alone, this is why fairness, mutual respect and also individual freedom play an important role at our company.

Learning from each other

Every employee has their own potentials and talents which they bring to our company. From our perspective, our job is to carefully nurture and support them. How can we best achieve this? We believe by listening and learning from each other. Regular appraisals are an indispensable tool in this regard to explore personal needs and set realistic goals.

Laying the basis

for happy employees

We never have second thoughts about going the extra mile for our employees. Especially if the result is committed, happy colleagues who are eager to give everything they’ve got and take us all to new heights. Achieving a good work-life balance is the best example of this in practice. When it comes to achieving it, we offer our employees the necessary flexibility to ensure their work and private life is as harmonised as possible.

Your opportunity:

vacancies at efcom.

Who are we looking for?

  • Above all, those who are open-minded and go-getters. As well as those who are determined and have the staying power to see things through. This means you don’t go sticking your head in the sand the moment something goes wrong and then keep on burying it further and further.
  • In the field of IT, you should be analytical and as a consultant you should enjoy discussing matters with others and take a problem-solving approach. Professionally speaking, you will learn a lot on the job from us as our products and services are highly specific and require explaining. What counts most in this regard is an unquenchable thirst for knowledge on your part – got that and there’s nothing standing in your way to getting off to a successful new career at efcom.
  • By the way: you should also have a good sense of humour as we like to have a laugh and enjoy ourselves at work.

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