Step by step to success.

From start-up to global player

over the course of more than 20 years.

The initial idea was to shake up the financial markets with a practical factoring software solution. It was an idea they put into immediate action: our four founders established efcom gmbh and then over the ensuing years they made it into one of the leading providers in this field – first in Germany and then throughout Europe.

2000: The race is on

efcom gmbh is officially established in December. The company’s head office is registered in Eppertshausen, south-west Germany.

2001: Off we go

The first employees are hired. In addition,
the first version of ef3 is used by clients –
based on an Oracle database. An in-depth
market analysis provided the necessary practical knowledge for its success.

2002: We’ve done it

efcom becomes market leader in Germany
in the area of factoring software.

2004: Going global

The focus turns to developing compelling
add-on modules, especially for trans-
nationalfinancial transactions. Based on these, the first foreign clients were
acquired: HVB Slovakia in Slovakia and FactorBank AG in Vienna, Austria.

2005: Time to relocate

efcom moves its head office to
Neu-Isenburg, just up the road
from the former one.

2007: Eastern Europe

efcom establishes a presence in several Eastern European countries.

2008: Austria

efcom also becomes market leader in factoring solutions in Austria.

2009: Premiere

A new solution for bulk data processing
is developed: ef3premium plus.

2011: Personnel

29 colleagues now work at efcom.

2012: Enhancement

The reverse factoring module offers a
solution tailored to the needs of supply
chain finance. This year marks the 10th
time efcom has held the Factoring Symposium – an international symposium
for factoring experts and IT service providers.

2014: efcom knows no boundaries

Across Europe, 32 factoring institutes in 9 countries use efcom.

2015: efOnline

The new efOnline web portal is launched.

2017: Switzerland

efcom also becomes the market leader in factoring software in the second Alpine republic.

2018: Clear edge

efcom repositions itself with a modern
logo and new corporate claim.

2019: Web relaunch

A comprehensive web relaunch
provides more information,
insights and inspiration.

2020: Anniversary

We celebrate our 20th anniversary and look forward to new challenges in factoring!