Support for the youngest: efcom donates to local child protection league.

World Children’s Day as a foundation for reflection and community involvement.

Neu-Isenburg, 20/11/2019 – In celebration of World Children’s Day on 20th November, efcom gmbh is donating a total of 500,- EUR to a local child protection league, or more specifically, to the DKSB (German Child Protection League) Westkreis Offenbach e.V. In doing so, we are continuing our regular commitment to local or national institutions. We strongly believe: Anyone who is successful in the economy should not lose sight of everyday life outside of economics and finance.

“Especially for the youngest in our society it is difficult to be heard. The adult world has become increasingly faster and more hectic these days which means that children’s and young adults’ problems and needs are often put last,” says the CEO of efcom, Arnulf Romann. “That cannot be allowed to happen. This is why I believe it is right to help a local institution which takes a stand for our children. I hope that, to a certain extent, we may inspire others to donate as well – for the benefit of children or other weak people around us who may be in need.”

The DKSB is committed to children’s rights in Germany and implementing the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child. It campaigns for children on all levels of government from national and state legislation to the policies and decisions applied in our towns and municipalities. Its aim is to improve children’s living conditions, to protect them from violence, and to eliminate child poverty in every form. DKSB`s work ranges from policymaking in the national and state associations to practical daily work with children, youths, and their families in both projects and the services provided in many local associations.