efcom celebrates its 20th anniversary:

Shaped by reliability.

What a time it has been since the founding of our company in the year 2000! From the financial crisis to football world champion, from smartphone to climate debate and from Obama to e-mobility. Since then, the factoring sector in Germany and Europe has changed tremendously. Fintechs are changing the shape of the market and defining their own rules. Amazon, Facebook and Co. are now pushing to the fore and claim the territories of banks and financial service providers. In a nutshell: The past two decades have been highly dynamic and the last few years have been even more intense.


Especially in times of our fast-paced today-this-tomorrow-that mentality, reliable partnerships and committed statements are all the more important. We commit to continuity and longevity as we do not aim for sudden changes of direction or zigzag courses. efcom will continue to represent a high degree of reliability. We listen to our clients and anyone interested in our company; we help, advise and support wherever we can.


That is also the message we would like to send out into the world with our new anniversay logo: The anniversay number in the middle is being circled by numerous smaller and larger dots – they represent all of our projects. Each dot/project has its individual coordinates, but is attracted and controlled by the still center. Thus, symbolically speaking, perseverance meets openness and tradition meets modernity. That is exactly what efcom stands for.