Founding stories:

"Suddenly, the server was down."

Martin Hug, co-founder of efcom, thought nothing of it when he took his little daughter to the office one day in the early years of the company. At the time, the office premises were in the basement of a storage building where everything was small and limited including the number of employees. Martin Hug’s daughter was in her crawling stage which meant that she was very curious but at the same time couldn’t walk independently yet. However, this doesn’t mean that crawling infants can’t get from A to B as fast as lightning while on all fours. On that very day, Martin Hug let his baby daughter crawl around his office —what could possibly happen? Everything potentially dangerous for her had been put out of reach which meant that she had the entire space to discover!


Very soon, her father’s office felt far too small for her, so she continued her crawling tour in the hallway. Next door was something which caught the curious little girl’s attention — the flashing and buzzing server. It should be mentioned that the server room and the technology at that time cannot be compared with our current equipment. Nowadays, all sensitive devices are extremely well protected and only the IT department has access to them. But back then, things looked a little differently and so the inevitable happened. After a brief but suspicious silence, the employees almost collectively exclaimed: “Something is wrong! What happened to the server?” A quick glance in next room gave them the answer: Martin Hug’s daughter had pushed the red flashing button and shut down the server. Since that day, Martin Hug has forbidden his daughter to crawl in the hallway and as far as we know today, she kept to it —much to her father’s and the other employees’ comfort.