Background: No way!?

#2 "Without badminton, there would be no efcom."

There are companies whose employees share the same or similar interests, for example a hobby or their passion for a pet etcetera etcetera… At efcom, there is also a connecting element which already played a significant role in the early years: Badminton. Both Arnulf Romann as well as Martin Hug have been active club members during efcom’s founding period. Thus, first networking opportunities arose between club colleagues. Longtime employee Oliver Rölle, for example, was able to be won for the company, as well as other colleagues who have been or still are working at efcom until today.


“During the competitions, we were of course focused on the match,” Oliver Rölle assures, “which made me forget for a moment that I was playing against my boss. But later on, everything was fine again.” Badminton was definitely taken seriously at efcom, especially if you take into account that some employees played at Bundesliga level. But no: Badminton skills are no obligatory requirement to get hired. However, we as a company are fostering our employees’ health and fitness by offering regular yoga sessions. In addition to that, we love to hear about any other physical exercise our colleagues might be participating in during their leisure time. Clients value our very precise operations and our complete commitment – then again, Badminton may play a role in that…