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Want to launch new factoring products? Is your current system outdated? Want to increase your efficiency or make changes in the area of compliance? In other words: You are facing important transformation processes?
Then you’ve come to exactly the right place. Our software opens up a broad spectrum of opportunities for your factoring business. We’ll be happy to provide you with specific advice and a customised solution that meets your needs and strategy. Put simply, with us on board you’ll have an expert partner at your side to support you on your journey to achieving your goals and overcoming your challenges.

6 reasons

for choosing efcom software

You’ll come across many pros and cons in the search for the right software for your factoring business. So what can you expect from an efcom solution? Quite a lot. To save you time, we’ve put together 6 key reasons for you. But what about the cons we hear you ask? Well, we can’t think of any…

1. Stellar transparency

Efficient controlling relies on dependable data and details. Our applications capture information at individual item level, so you can enjoy targeted reporting. Identify impending defaults early on and adjust limits accordingly all thanks to integrated plausibility checks of individual items and portfolios combined with random samples for maximum peace of mind.

2. Top performance

No matter how much data you need to capture nor how much processing time you schedule, one thing is certain: the performance of our factoring solutions is considered industry leading. Find out for yourself!

3. Super smart

Your employees need an intuitive user interface. To deliver on this, we work tirelessly to turn complex requirements into smart applications. The result: our solutions are extremely user-friendly and come with customisable default settings.

4. Future-ready by design

We serve clients who work in highly regulated markets such as Germany, Austria and Switzerland. With us they have a market and technology leader on their side whose solutions deliver all the functions they need. Here are just some of the reasons why our solutions can help you excel:

  • a highly robust audit trail
  • maximum quality assurance
  • detailed form management
  • predictive risk assessment

5. Maximum scalability

Whether you support big-name corporations or SMEs, it makes no difference to efcom as our ef3basic and ef3premium solutions are so highly scalable that you will always work with a bespoke solution that truly fits your needs.

6. Reliable migration performance

ef3basic and ef3premium integrate seamlessly into your existing IT architecture. They do so thanks to our aim and ingenious methodologies to leave no room for delays or failures. Once we agree a timeline with you, we meet it without compromise – and to the highest standard. Take our word for it: we never miss a deadline.

Off the shelf or customised?

With us, you get both.

ef3 is based on almost two decades of hands-on factoring experience. So it’s no wonder then that we set the market standard – both nationally and internationally. But for us, standard means anything but resting on our laurels. Rather, we see it as meaning always thinking ahead and keeping our software cutting edge through regular updates. Customisation also plays a key role with efOnline – plus you get to benefit from our use of state-of-the-art technology.


going the extra length.

Whether you choose the basic or premium version – ef3 lets you manage even the most complex of factoring transactions at the highest level of quality. No ifs or buts. 

  • ef3basic and ef3premium
  • Integrated subledger accounting
  • Freely definable charts of accounts
  • Full process transparency
  • Maximum automation
  • Highly secure Oracle database connection
  • Accounting to generally accepted accounting principles
  • Robust audit trail thanks to traceability right down to individual item level
  • Modular feature enhancements


one platform, countless options.

Say hello to our web-based application for efficient factor-customer communication. It enables you to minimise effort while maximising customer involvement.

  • Frees you up from being tied down in factor-customer communication
  • Greater involvement of your customers (closer to the action)
  • Unparalleled user experience for customers
  • On demand, real time, flexible data exchange
  • State-of-the-art development environment

Our approach to work:

structured with maximum transparency.

You don’t opt for factoring software just like that. And once you’ve made a decision, it should be clear right from the outset what you can expect. We deliver on this through our commitment to handle your project with absolute professionalism. This is because experience has taught us that maximum transparency and a structured approach count as critical success factors. And that’s not to mention ambition and know-how – but you get that from us anyway.
One of your key questions will be: how long will our projects take to implement? This depends largely on the scope and complexity of your requirements. Typically, projects take around four to 18 months. We work in sub-projects to ensure the best use is made of planned resources. All to your advantage.

Lots of effort so things

run smoothly for you.

At efcom, support plays a critical role. These are more than just words, as we also put our idea of practical support into action such as through our use of a professional helpdesk system. It serves as our client’s central communications platform to report support incidents and service requests.

It ensures all requests are dealt with promptly by our experts, so no request ever falls by the wayside. What’s more, the service level you choose for our software is set in the contract right from the start.

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