The personal cockpit

for your factoring customers.


Free yourself up

On demand, customised, flexible – in an ideal world this is what data exchange should look like between the factor and the customer. efOnline provides you with a web-based tool that puts no additional barriers in anyone’s way and delivers maximum flexibility and efficient interaction. Stop your precious resources being tied down dealing with often lengthy customer telephone or email enquiries, and free yourself up by involving your customers directly in the factoring process.



Users get to enjoy a wealth of additional information, which they can access 24×7 even when on the move. A dashboard provides them with real-time insights into selected performance indicators, giving them the right information at the right time – a real win-win for everyone.



efOnline provides a user experience that can be critical to success, especially in the factoring business. Your customers are no longer just observers, but become co-pilots with the ability to control key processes themselves. Among the options available to them, they can apply directly for their limit to be raised or choose which invoices are to be financed in each individual case.


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