With us, you are flexible right from the start.

Your efX advantages

at a glance:

Maximally scalable

Whether you are a start-up, an independent factor or a major bank: with efX you get the solution package that suits you best. Billing is per use—if your business grows, the application can be expanded. Decide together with us on one of the sizes offered.

Cloud: accessibility & security

Our SaaS solution offers you real-time access to all data—from anywhere, at any time and from all devices. In addition, we offer you the highest level of security, including the use of high performance data centres in your local area.

State-of-the-art technology

We use the latest technologies: artificial intelligence, machine learning, distributed ledger technology (blockchain). These are used, for example, to automate processes or effectively prevent fraud.


Our solutions are designed from the ground up to provide the best possible support for mass data processing. This means that, no matter how much data you need to process, you can rely on us.


You benefit from solutions that have been thought out down to the last detail and innovative ideas, made in Germany. Furthermore, it is also about the certainty that our solution works absolutely reliably even under stress.

Which types of receivables financing we cover:

Wherever you offer receivables financing

We make it possible.

In principle, the following types of reciavables financing can be mapped with efX:
  • All
  • efcom Partner
  • Oracle Cloud server locations

efX prices and classifications:

Adaptable according to use

Q & A about efX

What does efX stand for?

The “X” in efX has several meanings: On the one hand, it is meant to reflect our knowledge and experience (eXperience), but it also stands for an optimal user experience (UX). Furthermore, the X symbolises the all-in approach as well as the scalability and flexibility of the product.

What are the main advantages of efX?

efX is offered in a uniform ready-to-use package – with as little individual development as possible, unlike ef3. The entire implementation process is thus noticeably shortened. As a rule, only interfaces to one’s own billing systems etc. are then developed.

In addition, the SaaS version of efX offers the advantage of scalability: customers can choose a package that suits them depending on the transaction volume, number of users, number of customers and number of invoices and scale it according to growth. Other advantages are the generally higher flexibility and the high level of security.

Where is efX offered?

efX is distributed worldwide and is serviced and supported by our regional partners. You can find an overview of all current locations here.

What is the difference between efX and ef3?

efX is based on our tried and tested product ef3, which has been developed over many years. The difference is that with ef3, the modules that are to be used individually are already selected at the beginning. As a client, you only pay for these – with the option of booking new modules and functionalities later. With efX, customers receive standard market modules in a package (this excludes integrated or external partner applications), even if they do not have to use all of them at the beginning.

Another difference is billing: efX is pay-per-use, whereas ef3 is unlimited. If certain values are exceeded, efX customers move to the next (price) level. The category “efX L” also offers unlimited use. And: unlike ef3, efX can also be offered as an SaaS solution. This means that the application can be used globally from the cloud via Azure (Microsoft) or Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI). ef3 can only be used on-premises.

Will ef3 still exist?

Yes, ef3 will still be available for our existing customers. On the other hand, all customers whose requirements demand an individual configuration can use ef3.

What about the support for ef3?

efcom will continue to provide the contractually agreed support for ef3.

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