2nd phase: training

We train key users at the start of the project, followed by all end users after the development phase. Key users receive training on a range of overarching topics, while end users receive targeted training depending on their role and daily activities. One paramount consideration is that to ensure we speak the same language, we compile a glossary right at the beginning.

We cover the following topics in the training courses:

  • Introduction (1 day)
  • Master data (2 days)
  • Transactions (2 days)
  • Limits in ef3 (1 day)
  • Incoming payment (1 day)
  • Dunning (1 day)
  • Administration I and II (each 1 day)
  • Technical administration (1 day)
  • Modules (based on selection)

Your main point of contact will be Oliver Rölle.