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Our latest features for ef3 and efOnline at a glance.

ef3: limits – greater possibilities

Dezember 2018:

You can configure bottom limits. Here, the maximum unrestricted payout amount is set based on the customer. Payouts exceeding this bottom limit are then only made on request – up to the particular financing limit.

ef3: improved searching and entry

Dezember 2018:
In terms of manual data entry, new parameters have been set up which indicate when debtors from barred countries or items from such are to be created. This results in an alignment with the parameter query just like with an automatic import.

ef3: automation – helpful extensions

Dezember 2018:

You can add a custom favourites list with menus.

efOnline: limits and imports – increasingly more efficient

Dezember 2018:

Factoring customers can now submit limit requests as part of debtor management. These are sent to ef3 where they can be processed via a new dialogue, thereby saving time and effort.

Direct imports via web services are now also supported. Your customer will then receive an import report or a potential error report which they can use to submit corrections. The converter is also supported – eliminating the need for import management.

efOnline: dashboard – new features

Dezember 2018:

The dashboard displays information about the last five payouts. The associated payout coversheets can be requested directly.

Furthermore, factoring customers will in future be informed via the dashboard about an invoice request and can then upload the corresponding documents directly. The data is entered in ef3 and the specialist responsible is informed about the process.

In addition, the dashboard allows the status of the last import (x imports) to be displayed and the corresponding reports to be downloaded.


Some functions mentioned are not included by default in ef3, but they can be purchased separately. Please contact our consultants who will be pleased to provide you with further information. 


Web services are not included by default in efOnline, but they can be purchased separately. In respect to Oracle licences, additional costs may be incurred depending on the specification. Want to learn more? Our consultants will be pleased to help.