"Our software is used to handle one of the highest volumes."

To Arnulf Romann, mutual trust is one of the key factors for the fast and successful implementation of professional solutions. Along with being CEO, as Head of Consulting and Sales it’s a mindset he brings directly to our services.

“Only a fraction of local companies use factoring to raise funds – despite all the advantages. The reasons why customers don’t make use of factoring is because of the poor availability of information (bad reputation, lack of clarity about the process) or simply because of the shortfall in demand (with them saying that they’re happy with the services they get from their regional bank).


Niche sector
By contrast, factors put it down to the combination of high investment costs, strong regulation and rather meagre returns. While several major banks have entered the factoring business – nationally and internationally – these are more exceptions than the rule. All too often they find themselves in a niche sector with its own rules.


In turn, this has lured other players onto the market stage: risk-taking, ballsy and definitely well-funded fintechs. However, it remains to be seen who will ultimately hold their ground among the ‘newcomers’. Certainly, the factoring boom has provided the market with fresh ideas and shown exciting potentials.


20 years of quality
Why am I saying this? Because efcom has been active in this field for many years now, whereby we’ve been accompanying and supporting the development of factoring in Germany since its inception. For almost 20 years now, we’ve ensured that factoring providers can depend on a software solution that is stable and powerful in every regard.


Internationally successful
Our clients are big players who are also active in smaller markets. All in all, we can proudly say that with our help a factoring volume of around 130 billion euros is being achieved. These figures are something we needn’t shy away from, even at an international level. However, bare numbers alone are not the only thing that say something about whether a company is a success or a flop.


Among many factors, maintaining lasting client relationships in the sense of a long-term partnership plays a key role at our company. Thinking about the day after tomorrow is something we enjoy and do frequently, whereby we incorporate these considerations into our solutions. How can factoring software be planned and implemented with as much foresight as possible? What needs to be done to involve users in processes in a smart way? Who should and shouldn’t be able and permitted to have a role in actively controlling processes? You can find the answers to these questions in ef3, efOnline and more recently efMobile. We call this our built-in future-proofness, so to speak.


ready for tomorrow
Indeed, the issue of future-proofness is something that will continue to attract our fullest attention. It offers a wide range of possibilities for us to achieve the next level in efficiency and flexibility for our clients. In this regard, blockchains and AI top the list. But regardless of which particular technology we will eventually work with, you can be sure that efcom will never stop being curious, courageous and at times even nonconformist. We do all this in the interests of our clients and to help them generate even more revenue and become even more successful.